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3 reasons to consider creating educational video content




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    Online video marketing has evolved significantly over the last few years and it is now a staple part of many business’ marketing and branding strategies. However it’s important to note that video is not just about getting direct sales anymore, it is as much about providing value to clients and building brand equity than it is about sales. Social Media is a long form game and educational video (videos that provide information) is an integral part of this. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider creating educational video content.

    1) Provide value to your audience without an obvious CTA (call to action)

    If you want to stand out on social media and build a strong visitor base to your website you need content, content that people want to watch and more importantly feel is good enough to share. A promotional video is not enough, it’s too direct, it will work once or twice, but not every week or even every day if you have the resources.

    Educational videos provide information and enrich the viewers understanding of a specific topic. They show that you are on their side and are committed to helping them with their problems. And in the end people buy products and services that make their lives simpler.

    2) Easily digestible & shareable

    Short educational videos are easily digestible so they don’t take up too much of people’s time and are therefore share friendly because of this fact. People will share videos that interest them and that they feel are useful. More importantly they will share it with other people who will benefit from it. Long form video has it’s place, but on social media people just aren’t looking to watch a 90 minute lecture.

    3) Establishes you as a thought leader

    On social media people follow accounts that interest, help and entertain them. The more content people consume from one source the more they trust that source and the more likely they are to buy from it. By creating educational and informative video content you are establishing yourself or your business/brand as a thought leader, an expert in your industry and a source of knowledge that people can trust. By providing value and not bombarding people with sales material puts them at ease and encourages them to give you their attention, and that’s what you want. You want followers, likes and subscribers so that you have a audience base to consume your content and stay up to date with your brand. While it’s not a direct sales mechanism, it will hopefully encourage engagement and when that happens your brand equity will increase. Then, when you’re ready to execute a direct sales push you already have an audience there waiting. 

    James - Creative Director