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3 things to include when posting YouTube videos on Twitter




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    Posting to social media takes careful crafting in order to achieve effectiveness, too many people use Twitter & Facebook as distribution platforms, which is fine, but the text they use is very self-promotional and if used to often is very off-putting for your followers. Fortunately there are ways to counter this.

    Personally I love Twitter and it’s a great platform to use to push your video content out into the world, but just simply posting a YouTube link isn’t enough, your tweet needs to be exciting enough to encourage people to click it and optimised to reach a large amount of people.

    Here are 3 things to include to effectively post your YouTube videos on Twitter…

    1. Accompany your tweet with a vibrant, powerful image that positively reinforces the content of the video. Tweets containing images receive 5x more engagement than those without.

    2. Use a shortened YouTube link, but making sure it retains the YouTube container. When sharing a YouTube video use the URL provided by YouTube beneath the share button. In this instance don’t use Buffer, Bitly or any other URL shortening tools. There is a certain ‘comfort-blanket’ surrounding YouTube, some people are cautious about clicking on shortened links, never quite knowing where they link too. Everyone knows about YouTube and everyone knows it’s safe.

    3. Use Hashtags! To me this is the most important, especially if your business is relatively new to Twitter and doesn’t have that many followers yet. By not using hashtags you are only reaching out to the 50 people who already follow you. By using broader hashtags specific to you industry and relevant to what potential clients will be searching for, you create the potential for use reach and greater engagement.

    - James -