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3 types of Corporate Video you should be using right now




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    There are so many different types of videos available to businesses today, and with so much choice it can be difficult for business owners and marketing agencies to decide what to choose. So we’ve pinpointed the 3 types of Corporate Videos you should absolutely be using right now in your business, regardless of size, sector or location.

    Introduction Video

    An Introductory Video is a short insight into who you are and what your business does. They are generally about 60 seconds in length and take centre stage on your website home page. As businesses grow, the larger organisations become much more of a brand, and so the personality that existed at the beginning, becomes a part of the brands story. However as a small business, you are as much selling you as your are your services. You are not a brand yet, and so it is important to build relationships quickly. Introductory Videos are the perfect way to do this, because they give people a taster of you, they show show you’re personality, and help build relationships and trust with perspective clients before they've even picked up the phone.

    Informative Videos

    If you’ve ever attended a business networking event you will have heard the phrase “Givers Gain”, and what is meant by this is simply, the more you give back, the more you get. People don’t like to be sold to, not directly at any rate, and particularly on Social Media the more right hooks you throw (to quote Gary Vaynerchuk), the more people are going to tune-out of your story.

    Now Informative videos come in many guises, they can simply be an interview or piece to camera, talking about a particular topic or news item from your industry. But they can be Tip Video, How To Videos or Demonstration Videos, showing people how or why to do something in a certain way.

    It may seem difficult to give out valuable information for free, but in truth nothing is unique, you can find pretty much anything online, but wouldn’t you rather they get the information from you, as appeased to one of your competitors? By putting out useful, relevant, informative content, you are positioning your business as an expert in your field.

    Client Testimonial Videos

    Video or not, testimonials are an inherently important part of any business’ marketing strategy and success story. And yet there is something different about video; putting your true feelings on camera and speaking directly to consumers adds an extra layer of authenticity. You can’t lie on camera, viewers will see through you. And whats more is they become a much more valuable asset because they can be reused and repurposed across any different platforms.

    So there you have it, 3 types of Corporate Video to get you and your business started.