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How to use video to enhance your email marketing?




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    Since the rise of social media, businesses have seen a decline in returns from email marketing, and people are more wary about signing up and subscribing, and I don’t blame them. We all suffer from spam. So marketeers are having to think differently about how to get higher open rates on their emails without having to trick their audience with seemingly personalised newsletters.

    Video can be a great tool for this; it’s less time consuming for the viewer to consume, and so they are more likely to watch a 90 second video, than spend 5 minutes reading a long email or article. So here are my top 4 tips for how using video can enhance your email marketing.

    Firstly, make sure the video you choose, stands out in the email, don’t hide it in the corner column, or somewhere at the bottom, put it pride of place. Pick a big, bold thumbnail that really stands out, giving people an insight into what to expect, and make sure to add a play button to make it obvious to anyone quickly flicking through, that this is a video to be watched. Taking a screenshot from the YouTube player itself is a good place to start, as the image will already have a play button visible on it. You can download these icons from the YouTube asset library here.

    Secondly, less is more. Don’t overload your emails with videos, one or two is enough, and you don’t really need to add too much explanatory text, simply include the title of the video, a brief description if you feel it is required, and then a link.

    Thirdly, don’t be afraid to send people to your website to consume the video rather than YouTube. Now your goals will differ to others, but I’m guessing that ultimately over time you want more people to buy from you, and so sending them to a landing page with the video embedded on it is far more beneficial than sending them to another site.

    And finally, make sure to use the word VIDEO in the subject line of the email, this tells people what to expect, and is more likely to grab their attention than a long title of whatever the video is about.