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How to use Video Marketing to enhance your direct mail campaigns




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    Everyday we are all bombarded with emails from every direction, some of them important, some of them sales-like, and a lot of them spam. And so as a result we are much more cautious when it comes to opening or responding to emails from people we don’t know. It therefore comes as much more of a surprise when we receive something in the post, it’s unexpected and intriguing, and as such direct mail marketing campaigns are starting to make a come back.

    For those businesses using video in their marketing already, direct mail is an interesting avenue to explore, and most notably video brochures. Now video brochures have been around for a while, but the technology has vastly improved, and they can make a very big impact when implemented effectively and targeted appropriately.

    In essence they are large booklets, similar to any printed brochure, with a small screen inside that plays video. Many of them are rechargeable with a good battery life, and are capable of playing videos over 15 minutes in length, both with and without audio. You can use them to produce a highly targeted video campaign and get your message directly to the person you want to reach. 

    Unlike most leaflets that you’re probably going to throw in the bin, imagine one of these arriving on your desk at work. Your curiosity will naturally get the better of you and you’re going to open it! So if you’re looking to target the Managing Director or Head of Department of larger organisations, this could be a unique way of getting your foot through the door.

    Now I feel it’s important to note that video brochures are not cheap, you’re looking at around £25-£35 each, so please think carefully about the value of the product you’re pitching and how much of that you can spend on marketing.

    So there you have it, a new marketing concept, married to an old one, but with an interesting potential.