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Our First Week Back | Weekly Vlog Episode 01




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    New Year, New Me. I hate that phrase, but at Warpline we have kickstarted the new year with a new plan, and a new set of goals. We also though we’d start 2017 with the introduction of a brand new video series, a weekly vlog. I’m fascinated by YouTubers, Vloggers and the idea of unfabricated, raw video content, and so we decided to start one of our own, because alongside our more polished, pretty content, we want to show what it’s like inside a Video Production Company and what we actually do all day.


    Our first week back was a busy one. On our first day we went straight into our first video shoot of the year. Fortunately it was down the road in Newbury and as such, didn’t require a mammoth 3 hour car drive to get to the location like some of our closing projects last year. It was also a simple corporate interview shoot, where we interviewed five people ahead of a client event in February, who wanted to use these interviews as short promotional pieces to help sell the event. The shoot eased us in gently and allowed us to play around with some new interview lighting ideas.


    The rest of the week, albeit two days by this point, was spent editing. We had a few projects that had been carried over from December that needed some final tweaks and then subsequently began editing the footage from our shoot in Newbury. We pride ourselves on being pretty quick when it comes to turning around projects, and within a day we had all five videos ready to send to the client for feedback.


    So all in all, it wasn’t a bad first week back.