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WANT VS NEED: Make the Video That's Right For You




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    Too many people rush into expensive video production projects. They see their competitors brand new promotional video and decide that they want one too. And yet, just because they have one, doesn’t mean you need to have one yourself. Their goals for that video will likely be very different to your own.

    So should you make a video? Yes, absolutely. Why? Because video offers greater levels of engagement than any other form of content right now, with audio podcasts being a close second. However, before you jump in and make a video, you need to decide if the video you want is the right video for you at the time. Different types of videos work better for different types of businesses. For example, a hotel or restaurant can benefit hugely from a selection of micro content, short 5 second clips to be distributed on Instagram and Twitter, enticing their customers in with promises of delectable and indulgent flavours. Whilst a law firm may well benefit from a series of longer form informative videos distributed out in a weekly newsletter and across each employee’s individual LinkedIn profile, educating their current and prospective clients on the do’s and don’t of employment law.

    The point here is that you whilst that shiny promotional video that everyone else is making might seem like the best idea and be the one that you have you’re heart set on, when you really drill down to what it is you’re trying to achieve, it may well prove not to be the right decision at the time. And I say at the time again because you’re content needs will change as time goes by, as your industry changes, and as your business grows. What’s right now might not be right in a week, a month, or a years time.

    I believe in speed, and being reactive. Businesses should be putting out daily content: videos, photos, blogs, graphics. You need to be able to react, talk about breaking news stories, discuss what it means for your target audience, and most importantly…connect. The trick is to strike a balance and ensure that every video you put out supports your current marketing goals. If you're goal is to establish your business as a local thought leader in health and nutrition, then you 100% need to put out that video on free school meals.

    So what’s my point?

    Make sure that what you want and what you need are aligned, so that you’re putting out content that is going to help you build your business. Ideas are great, you need them, but whilst some of them might sound really cool, really different. They might not be right way to go at that moment in time.

    Not sure what you need? Download our Free Video Marketing Guide: 33 Ways To Use Video to Promote Your Business.