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We launch a new video series | Weekly Vlog Episode 02




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    As a Video Production Company it’s important for us to experiment and practise with new and existing platforms and concepts to learn how they work and how they can be played with and leveraged for marketing success.

    In our second weekly vlog we launch yet another weekly video series. We thought long and hard about what kind of show we wanted to do next. We already had a Video Marketing series in the form of “The Video Blueprint”, and we’d just started a Weekly Vlog that was designed to give people a greater insight into what we do and how we work. So we chose to go with a film review series. 

    Unsurprisingly, the entire team at Warpline are film fanatics, and in our spare time we all watch films, some mainstream, some not so much, and so we felt we had a large, diverse palette of film trivia and knowledge that would lend itself well to a series of short videos. For me personally, it was important to start showing the rest of the team to the outside world as I am in all of the informative and promotional video content. We therefore decided that Tom would take the reigns on this one, and as such we also named the show after him. So tune in to “What’s Tom Watching” each week, to learn more about films you might not previously have considered watching.

    Alongside launching this new series, we are also in the process of creating a small studio in our office building, and so in order for us to test out the size of the space we chose to film the very first video in the series in the room we will be taking over, in an attempt to ensure its viability.

    And finally, one other major point of reference in this weeks vlog, is the now documented fact that I am somewhat addicted to Cadbury Twirls.