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What does your business headshot say about you?




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    Whether you’re a sole trader, or a multi-national organisation, your image and reputation is one of the key elements that sets you apart from your competition. In the ever changing world of digital marketing and social media, photography is becoming somewhat of a commodity. Whilst there is certainly value in the creation of raw, un-edited images, your business headshot photographs are something that you really want to invest in.

    When you start a business you invest a significant amount of time and money into getting it off the ground. You carefully develop your products and services, design a website, and create a marketing plan, all of which contribute to the overall success of the business. So then once you’ve made all this investment, why would you supplement them with sub-par images and photographs that could ultimately damage the professional image you’ve worked so hard to create?

    Now business headshot’s are limited in their use when compared to promotional images, and yet they are inherently important to the personalisation of a business and the building of relationships with clients. For the most part they are used to enhance a business’ website, and professionalise individual LinkedIn Profiles. So what is their value? What do they say about you and your business?

    For smaller organisations in particular, the expertise and personalities of the client facing staff are being marketed and scrutinised just as much as the business itself. People buy in to the expertise and and professionalism of the staff, as well as the overall mission and values of the business. You want to put people at ease, and position your business as one of being friendly and approachable. How would you feel if you saw a series blurry headshot’s of the Senior Managers in a dark environment with a disinterested expression? Would you feel comfortable doing business with them? Then ask yourself how would you feel if you saw a series of sharp, clean photographs of them wearing smart clothes, in a brightly lit office environment, with a huge smile on their face? 

    So business headshot’s can go a long way when it comes to personalising and professionalising a business’ website and overall persona. Leave people with no reason to doubt you, and every reason to build a relationship.