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Cameras VS Fire | Warpline Weekly Vlog Episode 03




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    Cameras and fire don’t mix, and yet in this, our third weekly vlog, we were on a mission to turn a wood burning stove into a sequence of cinematic splendour. What’s been interesting as we launch into week four and continue with our vlogging journey, is what actually ends up making the final edit and what doesn’t. Some days just seem to just take centre stage, while others fall by the wayside. And that’s exactly what happened this week. We actually filmed across three separate days, and yet it was Friday’s shoot that seemed to take over.

    From 10am until 6pm, we travelled to four separate filming locations across Oxfordshire to capture the footage we needed. What was unique about this shoot was that we were only filming one part of the footage we needed for the promotional video we were putting together. Usually on these kinds of projects we would film interviews with the business owners and staff in the morning, which would serve as the building blocks for the narrative of the video, and then we would spend the afternoon capturing cutaways, or B-roll that would be used to supplement the story and really capture the essence of what that business was all about. On this occasion, the interviews were due to take place on a subsequent day as we were also producing a series of client testimonial videos at the same time, and it seems most efficient to do these on the same day.

    So with this extra time we pulled out all of the toys and got to work. We mounted a GoPro camera onto the window of the stove in an attempt to capture a shot from the point of view of the stove door, capturing the moment the flames roared to life as it closed. We also mounted a camera inside the stove itself - though don’t worry, it wasn’t switched on, and also filmed a huge variety of what we like to call “hero shots”, showing off the individual stoves in all their glory.

    For part two of this particular shoot, tune in to week 5 of our weekly vlog.