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Thinking outside the traditional Promotional Video box




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    With over 400 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses and content creators to start thinking of new types of videos to share with their audiences. The video marketing landscape is changing so rapidly and there are so many tools and opportunities available.

    For businesses utilising video in their marketing and communication strategies, there are a wide variety of traditional video options available, from Promotional Videos, to Corporate Videos to Client Testimonials. And these are a great starting point for any business of any size, and will continue to hold a firm place in any strategy. However for those in crowded industries where there is a lot of content floating around, and let’s face it, that’s most of us; the importance of starting to think outside the box is inherently relevant. To really enhance your social media presence and video marketing efforts, businesses and content creators need to start looking at alternative videos that would be interesting and engaging to their clients and viewers, that their competitors aren’t thinking about. The other way of looking at this, it to create content that no one else can make.

    I’m a big believer in uniqueness, and that what really sets businesses apart from one another, is the vision of the founder. Most businesses within specific industries sell pretty much the same thing, but their reason for selling is unique. All businesses have a culture, a reason for existing, though sadly not all are remotely positive or worth shouting about. So what can you do to take advantage of this and enhance it?

    Imagine an accountancy firm who offer all the traditional services you expect them to offer. Now picture a music video of them rapping about tax returns. That type of content would be so unique, and so outrageous in the context of their industry, that it would get thousands of views across a multitude of platforms, and their brand awareness would go through the roof. Of course it would take a certain type of accountant to pull that video off, but it's an example of something so different, that it would be hard for viewers not to enjoy.

    Traditional Promotional and Corporate videos work for a reason, they are tried and tested and have proven results. For the pioneers into this new era of video marketing, there is no magic formula for this, and what works for one business may not work for another. Now is the time to be brave. Traditional corporate video content will always have a place in mainstream marketing and communications, but it’s those that dare to be different that will leave a lasting footprint and use video to their advantage and grow their business. Be bold, be transparent, be outrageous. Be whatever your company is, or ever hopes to be, and make your audience part of it.