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Screen Capture

Screen Capture, also known as Screen Recording, is the process of recording your computer screen live, so that it can be turned into, or included in a video. Our specialist equipment allows us to record live at any location, including working remotely from our offices. 


This process is key to creating engaging and interactive training and informative videos for businesses who are very I.T and software driven. For conferences and lectures, it is the ideal way of recording any powerpoint presentations the speakers may be using, so that they can be included in the final video.

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Key Features

  • HD Screen Recording
  • Powerpoint Presentation Capture
  • Quick setup
  • Remote Option

How does it work?

  1. We find out more about your screen capture needs, how it will be implemented, and what needs to be captured.
  2. We capture the videos either remotely from our offices, on site at your premises, or on location if required for an event.
  3. We edit all the videos and send them to you for approval.

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